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Registrations and description links to four New Year's resolution classes mid-January

THIS year, you want.....clean water and healthy air for your family 1/11/21 4;30-6:30pm

There are natural things in the air that are invisible and not good for you. Radioactive radon gas, toxic carbon monoxide, and detrimental ozone are some. Alaska well water can have substantial amounts of arsenic, iron and rust in it from mineral deposits, and those who are on community or city water may have PFAS contamination. Learn what you can do to detect and mitigate these health dangers. Registration is required at:

THIS year you want.... to construct a food storage area 1/13/21 4:30 -6:30pm

Have you been stocking up on food goods this past year? If so, how have you handled proper factors related to healthy storage? Many people look to sheds, cellars or even caches. Learn how you can prepare, build and maintain these environments to keep your food as fresh and safe to eat as possible. Registration is required at:

THIS year, you want..... to make your own electricity 1/14/21 1:00-4:00pmWhat energy

sources have you wanted to adopt as backup or wanted to take advance of to get off-grid? Have you looked at solar panels, wind turbines, hydro devices or even heat devices to make your own power? Have you ever wondered what kind of batteries you would need to accompany these devices? Share what you have been wanting to try and learn how it can go together toward a 'nanogrid'. Registration is required at:

THIS year, you want..... a generator 1/15/21 01:00-4:00pm Generators can provide backup power when outages occur or you are off-grid. What features are there to look for when shopping around? What size will be adequate for your uses? How difficult is it to operate one? Join us and learn answers to these common questions. Registration is required at:

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