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The first weekend of the traveler testing in response to Alaska Health Mandate 10.1 was run effectively at the Ketchikan airport and airport ferry parking lot location. In response to the updates to Alaska Health Mandate 10, the EOC set up a COVID-19 testing site at the airport parking lot on the Ketchikan side to be able to test passengers arriving from out of state. The testing is being provided to travelers entering Alaska, whether by plane or boat. Over the weekend, 109 arriving out-of-state passengers participated in the airport testing site. On Saturday, June 6, 50 individuals were tested. On Sunday, June 7, 59 individuals were tested. Alaska Airlines distributed the traveler declaration forms and health mandate information to passengers prior to their arrival in Ketchikan. The passengers were met by greeters who provided additional information, and by screeners who asked questions and assisted the passengers with completion of their travel declaration forms and testing consent forms. The test collectors, awaiting on the Ketchikan side, finalized the forms for the travelers and processed the tests for those seeking testing. Many of the passengers arriving in Ketchikan had already had a COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to their departure. The majority of the travelers chose to have a test at our testing site. A few of the passengers selected the quarantine option. There were some people who arrived in Ketchikan and needed to catch an Island Air flight to Prince of Wales. It worked well for them to cross on the ferry, be tested, and return to the airport in time to make the Island Air flight. We also had several people who were critical infrastructure workers, and filled out that section of the form committing to following their essential work plan, which included either testing or quarantine. Beginning on Monday, June 8th, an additional Delta flight is arriving into Ketchikan from Seattle. Accommodations have been made to provide screening and testing for those arriving passengers. Photos of the greeting table set up at the Ketchikan International Airport, and the testing site on the Ketchikan side are provided on Page 2. Health Mandate 10.1 and additional information for travelers is available at: Below is a picture of the Greeter Station, Ketchikan side, airport ferry parking lot.

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