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IFA to REDUCE ferry service to 4 days a week!

Please Be Advised of IFA Schedule Change (Press Release to Follow)

Recent ridership trends have allowed the IFA to reduce ferry service to 4 days a week yet still accommodate Essential Travel for people and businesses in need of returning home, traveling for critical medical care and for the transport of goods and service-people. We will sail Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday until further notice. We will depart at our usual times; we’ll depart Hollis at 8:00am and depart Ketchikan at 3:30pm.

In these unprecedented times, the IFA is taking a proactive approach to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by trying to balance the essential travel needs of the Community with the State's Mandates and Alerts. We are adhering to the 6' social distancing recommendation by capping our passenger capacity to forty. We are sailing at 25% normal capacity so passenger space is limited; please make your reservations in advance and arrive early to ensure your space on-board. Our Crews and Terminal Agents are using proven sanitation measures recommended by the CDC to slow down the spread of the virus. Your cooperation in following Crew and Agent directions at all times is greatly appreciated. Please check-in early to allow for these additional check-in measures.

Terminals will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday but Agents are available by phone at 866-308-4848 seven days a week.

Galley Service is very limited and may be closed completely in the near future.

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