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IFA to modify sailing schedule and capacities

Hollis, Alaska, June 12 , the Inter Island Ferry Authority (IFA) will resume operation

with the M/V Stikine. We realize that this challenging time has been a major

inconvenience to our customers and commerce from Ketchikan and Prince of Wales Island . The IFA would like to again acknowledge our appreciation for the AMHS and the crew of the Lituya for filling in during this time.

The IFA will resume Saturday sailings on June 13, and will resume Wednesday sailings

beginning July 1. The Wednesday sailings have been added to provide critical linkage

between the IFA and the AMHS southbound runs on Wednesdays.

Effective immediately the IFA will cap passengers at 125 per sailing. This

action is part of our plan to continue to keep our crews and passengers safe and represents just about 70% of capacity. The IFA will continue to No Sail on Tuesdays until such time the

capacity is needed. Tuesdays will continue to be utilized to do deep cleaning on the

Vessel. To make reservations call 866-308-4848 or email

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