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City of Craig updated Harbor policy to include ALL travel, in/out of State of Alaska

Based on State Health Mandate 12 related to INTRASTATE TRAVEL, the City of Craig has updated its recent HARBOR QUARANTINE policy to INCLUDE travel WITHIN the State of Alaska. The mandate requires vessels to check in with Craig Harbor staff at 826-3404 or VHF channel 16 OR contact the Craig Dispatch Center at 826-3330 upon ARRIVAL at any City of Craig harbor facility and before any passenger or crew member DISEMBARKS. Vessels or crew members/passengers who have traveled from an Alaska community with known COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days are subject to quarantine procedures similar to out of state travel as outlined in State Health Mandate 10. VIOLATIONS of this policy may result in crew members or passengers being trespassed from city harbor facilities and/or orders for vessels to leave Craig harbors and a 14 day ban on the vessel entering Craig harbors. The City of Craig will continue to monitor COVID-19 reports and information and provide links and up to date information about the City of Craig response at the city’s website. For information go to or Contact information for City of Craig departments and services:

Craig Aquatic Center 826-2794 Craig City Hall 826-3275 Craig EMS 826-4857 Craig Harbormaster 826-3404 Craig Police 826-3330 Craig Public Facilities 826-3408 Craig Public Library 826-3281 Craig Public Works 826-3405 Craig Recreation Department 826-2575

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