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Chamber Scholarship Highlights-2020

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was put into an outdoor therapy program called Anasazi. That inspired me to become an outdoor therapist, and go to college to get my bachelors in psychology. I've already learned a lot about the brain and the history of psychology, and I'm excited to learn more.

Thank you so much for the support, I really appreciate it, and I'm excited to learn more in my college years.

Anakin Purser

I had a great time my first semester at the University of Colorado. I chose to major in Audiology and Speech Language Sciences to become a speech pathologist. The program is very good. They have a clinic in the department, but only grad students can assist professors in the clinic. I only took one class for my major and the others are liberal arts core requirements, but I enjoyed all of them.

I have tried to take advantage of the programs that the university offers to get students out of Greeley. I tried mountain biking for the first time, and I also took a trip into the Rocky Mountains for a day hike. Both were fun and had beautiful sights. I have also been in contact with the Study Abroad Office many times because I want to do an exchange in the spring semester of my sophomore year. I have not completely decided on a place, but I am leaning towards the Netherlands.

I am very satisfied with my choice of major and location. I have made many new friends, but it's nice to be back home to connect with old friends. Thank you again for this scholarship.

Hannah Altland

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