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AK CARES Grant Program Update!

If and when you do provide a business owner with this application ( , there are a few things that should happen:

  1. Include a copy of the current AK CARES FAQs and Checklist (also found above the start application tab at (the most recent version is available on the AK CARES grant website, there is a link to the printable version of the FAQs/Checklist at the bottom of the introduction section).

  2. Stress the importance of thoroughly reviewing the FAQs and Application Checklist prior to completing or submitting an application package.

Things to know when filling out the application :  1. Once you start it will not save- you must finish it! 2.  Have all your documents in front of you (either to be scanned or scanned already)     a.  When you attach docs to the expense you only can have one... so if you have several pages you should use your feeder and scan all the pages as one document (ex: bank statement and receipt for eligible expenses) .      b  Be sure to rename each scan so you know what is in each 3.  If you already paid the creditor... THIS HAS CHANGED!!! - you list the creditor as the vendor and in the description you ask for "reimbursement- this has been paid". 4.  You will need to attach supporting documents AFTER the eligible expense portion.  This is your driver's license, business license/ permit, VOIDED check (new!), etc. 

Just a clarification-- when you are filling out the expenses portion of the application.. :

File added- you choose the file to attach your documents- you can add ONE file here so if you have multiple documents needed as proof, these documents will need to be combined into a single PDF, word document, etc... 

Click add expense to repeat process

You can see on the screen the accumulation of files added as supporting documents for qualified expenses. Please don't hesitate to call Heather at 907-723-0178 or email at with any questions of any kind.

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