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2020 POW Island Guide Thanks You

The 2020 Prince of Wales Island Guide is on the island and is being distributed to many businesses and individuals thanks to your help. Whether you donated photos, researched information, gave a name of an expert, were that expert, wrote an article proofed an article— each of your offers to help is so much appreciated.  If you haven’t picked up a copy to look at your contribution, please do so.  There is a link at the bottom of this email for a PDF copy for those of you who are off-island or would prefer to have your own copy easily accessible.    The POW 2020 Island Guide would not have been finished without help from each of you.   My apologies if I missed anyone on this thank-you email. 

Christina Barlow 2020 Island Guide Organizer

For the Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce  

PS. We are hoping that each of you are pleased with the way your contribution appeared.   Get those cameras out and begin snapping photos and start generating some creative ideas and stories for the pages of the 2021 Prince of Wales Island Guide.

PSS. I only used my personal photos in my “THANK” you's

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