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Welcome to our new Chamber Year!

Like many of you, I’m glad to put 2020 behind us and look forward to hearing about great things in 2021! Please share with us how this year has been for you as a chamber member, innovations that you have made to keep your business moving forward, and any suggestions on how we can help as a Chamber to promote your business and share your success with other Chamber members!

A special thanks this year to Sharilyn Zellhuber who has been the Chamber President for SIX years! She has done a great job.

Even though COVID had kept us separated and created lots of difficulties, the Chamber has been both working on how to serve our members during the pandemic, and looking forward to some of our traditional events over the next couple of years. The Chamber has been working to schedule monthly Zoom luncheons where we can share great information, good ideas, and lots of expert advice from our guests. Stay tuned to the newsletter and Chamber Facebook page for these monthly events.

The Chamber board was forced to cancel our annual Trade Show in 2020 and has had to push back a number of events scheduled for 2020 and early 2021, but we expect to pick up steam through 2021 and will be back with a great 2022 Trade Show. Plan now on how to make a spectacular showing next year at the Trade Show. Members who have already paid for the trade show can keep their payments on file and lock in to the 2020 rate or can request a refund.

In order to keep membership rates down during this year we have postponed a new edition of the Island Guide until 2022. We will continue to use the current guide throughout 2021. If you need more copies get ahold of Wendy at the Chamber office.

We are looking for lots of participation from our members this year. We want to hear your ideas, see you at monthly director’s meetings, meet with you online, and generally get your feedback on how we can be a better Chamber of Commerce.

You can always email our office staff at or call Wendy directly at the chamber office at 755-2626.

We hope that you will proudly display the Halibut window decal, and be sure to thank your fellow business members for doing the same!

Be sure to touch base with the Chamber office if you have any locally made items you want to display, need any brochures or business information, or have any good ideas to share!

Be safe everyone!

POW Chamber 2021 Board of Directors

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