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SE Clean & Care: Service Update

We are happy to announce that with the newest state mandate (Health Mandate 016-Reopen Alaska Responsibly Plan- Phase I-A), we are now able to resume select services for our residential clients as long as we follow strict guidelines to maintain a safe level of social distancing as outlined by the State of Alaska.

While we cannot resume our full selection of services as we would wish, we are now able to offer limited-service exit cleanings for homes, rentals, and BnB’s as well as carpet cleanings in these locations.

To enable Southeast Clean & Care to follow recommended guidelines as stated above, we are required to adjust our cleaning practices and policies in order to guarantee-to the best of our ability-that we mitigate the potential of spread of COVID-19 among our clientele.

What this means is that we are required to adjust our practices as listed below:

  • If any household members feel under the weather or are feeling ill, please notify us immediately for rescheduling, free of charge.

  • Upon arrival, we will submit our temperature and document it on your corresponding invoice.

  • We are able to come in 72 hours after latest occupant has vacated the areas to be cleaned.

  • If present during our services, we require all individuals wear a face mask or covering as approved by the CDC.

  • If present during our services, we require all individuals maintain a distance of 6+ feet at all times.

  • Unless otherwise required, all invoicing will be delivered via email.

  • We will no longer be accepting cash payments for the duration of the pandemic.

  • When possible, we will avoid accepting check payments.

    • Check payments must be mailed to the address on your invoice.

  • We will be encouraging the following payment methods.

    • Venmo

    • PayPal (3.5% convenience fee)

    • Square POS using your credit or debit card (3.5% convenience fee).

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to be put on a waiting list for services,

​please call during our temporary business hours (see below) or click this linkto submit your request and questions.

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