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NEW State Orders for CES Device Deployment Process

As you are aware, the CES Device Deployment for our elementary distance education model is scheduled for Thursday, March 26th from 7am-1pm.  Given new state orders, please be advised of the new deployment process.  

Parents/guardians will now need to pull-up in the elementary circled area and stay in their vehicle.  One (1) staff member will meet parents at their car with a clipboard, pen, and technology contract, so that contracts can be signed in vehicles.  Two (2) other staff members will then gather necessary student devices/school materials from the cafeteria and will deliver items to parents in their vehicle.

As the elementary staff will be limited in numbers with our deployment “gathering,” please bring your patience (and perhaps a smile :) when you arrive to pick-up your child’s school items.  We will do our best to expedite the process as much as possible.  As always, please contact the school office at 826-3274 in the event you happen to have questions or concerns.  

Last, but not least, please remember our CES Distance Education Delivery Model will begin Monday, March 30th.

Jackie Hanson Principal, Craig Elementary & Middle School,

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