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My Very Own Alaskan Story!

Bears on Prince of Wales Island

Hi Wendy, we just want to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay on POW Island.  We covered from Hydaburg to Lab Bay and points in between.  Took some nice hikes and drives.  We did end up going to Kasaan this past Thursday and planned on eating lunch at the café and hiking the trail.  Café and Gift Shop were closed.  There was a sign at the trailhead saying that a sow with 3 cubs had been spotted there.  Three others, from Juneau, were taking the hike so we decided to follow them.  We were making plenty of noise since the two women were playing music on their phones.  About 1/4 mile in there's a loud roar ahead and on our left.  The two women scream expletives, turn around and run!  The guy doesn't know what's happening since he has ear buds in and is listening to Tom Petty 📷.  He does hear the women and has to ask us what's going on.  My husband is hearing impaired and he did not hear the bear.  I DID hear her but could not see her.  I figured it was a warning to us to stop!  The Juneau guy says he's not afraid of bears and my husband has bear spray, but I'm not going any further.  I had read about how sometimes the encounter with a sow and her cub is due to the cub being unafraid and curious with humans and forcing the mom to take action.  I figured if one cub would cause her concern then trying to control three would be difficult.  So, we did not see the totems or longhouse, but had an exciting experience. 📷   Thought you might get a chuckle from this story.  We loved many things about the island and one of those was being off the grid.  Not having to listen to one-sided phone conversations or watch people stare at their palms.  We ran into very few people hiking the trails.  Went to Hatchery Creek three times and no bear, but seen salmon trying to jump the falls unsuccessfully after all the rain.  Our bear sightings were at Dog Salmon Fish Pass and Cable Creek Fish Pass.  All in all, it was a great experience.  Alaska never disappoints us and that's why we keep returning.  Thanks again for all you help.

Sandy & Marv 

Cave Junction, OR

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