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Weather/What to pack

Pack casual and protective gear for treks to sea and trees
 Our area of the Northwest Pacific dosen't tend to extremes-it's a temperate rain forest after all, but you'll want to have  layers of clothing between you and your gorgeous surroundings.
Waterproof, breathable shells, and fleece should be on your packing list.  Our air is fresh and fragrant, but temperatures can seem cool to those from warmer climates.  Sunshine on our green trees and clean water can make this one of the most beautiful places you'll ever see, but cloudy rainy days do come along.  Gore-Tex and similar fabrics repel rain and protect you from breezes ashore and on the water.  Polartec-type fleece is good on the outside on dry days or 
layers under rain gear.  Light, waterproof hiking boots or trail runners are good for everyday wear.  They're versatile for damp trails and in boats.  Rubber boots are our sneakers for the beach, the trail, the boat-just about anywhere.
Summer high temperatures range from 49-82 degrees farenheit, winter lows from 15-42 degrees farenheit.  

Craig, Alaska, average annual precipitation for 2014 was 92.39"

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