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Trails & Cabins

Sunnahae hike photo by Jeff Lund

Trails Trace Rain Forest Settings
If you like to see nature by foot, island trails get you there. There are roughly 70 miles of developed trails on the island. Most trails are relatively short combinations of footpaths and boardwalk-the latter to protect sensitive ground and to keep boots drier.
Many trails are reached by road and others by boat or plane. Accessibility varies, ranging from the barrier-free Pass lake trail to the more challenging One Duck Trail. There is a three-sided trail shelter at the end of One Duck Trail. Many short hikes lead to Forest Service cabins, fishing areas, lake shores or saltwater. The Karta River Trail (4.8) miles) in the Karta River wilderness is the longest developed hiking trail on prince of Wales Island.
Overall, trails on the island receive low to moderate use.
Two water trails give visitors the chance to explore pristine lakes and streams: Honker Divide Canoe Route (33miles, 2-4 days, 3.5 miles of portages) and Sakar Canoe Route (16 miles, 8-14 hours, 3miles of portages) See a map for these routes.          20 Mile Spur Trail photo by Bob Claus
For General information about trails, visit

A Southeast Alaska nonprofit maintains a web site with maps and tips for hiking, biking and ocean-based paddling trails in this region. Visit

Public Cabin Sites Dot The Islands and Provide Quiet Rustic Retreats
The setting, the comfort and the quiet at public-use cabins in Tongass National Forest make them great for back country retreats. There's a score of public cabins on Prince of Wales and nearby islands-good for a week of fishing or a weekend of solitude.

Amagura Cabin by Bob Claus
Some cabins are on lakes, others on streams.  Some are on short trails near the road system.  Some are reachable by boat, others by floatplane. They sleep four to eight people. Many have small rowboats; bring a little outboard if you have one. Some cabins have wood stoves and firewood; others have oil stoves and you bring your own fuel.
Check the USFS map for cabin locations. Reserve them online at or by phone at 877-444-6777 For more information online,go to :