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Photo by Scott Sellards

Hunting Abounds On Island Prince of Wales Island is a world-class hunting destination, known for trophy Sitka black-tailed deer, large black bears and outstanding waterfowl opportunities.  Deer season is from Aug. 16 through Dec. 31 for non-residents, with a bag limit of four bucks. Hunting alpine areas early in the season is popular, as is hunting the rut in November.   A mature buck yields about 50 pounds of meat.

Black Bear season runs from Sept.1 through June 30. Starting in the fall of 2012, drawing permits are required for non-resident bear hunters not using registered guides.  Bear hides must be sealed by state-appointed sealers before shipping.  Prior to June 1, meat MUST be salvaged along with the hide and skull.

Waterfowl hunting runs Sept.16 to Dec. 31. Saltwater marshes and upland fresh water are good bets for ducks and geese.

To see hunting regulations for the state of Alaska direct your browser to

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