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Angling Excels In Our Waters                                        
Photo by Jeannie McFarland
For variety of species, season length and surroundings, some of Alaksa's best fishing is on Prince of Wales Island.
Charter skippers can set you up with a saltwater day trip.  All five species of Pacific Ocean Salmon are available during spring and summer. Halibut lurk in cold, deep waters around the island.
Lodges with fishing guides offer several-day packages. Lodging styles range broadly, from world-class to down-home rustic. Experienced guides working out of lodges or independently can take you trolling for big king salmon offshore or fly fishing for salmon and trout on clear island streams. Do-it-yourselfers can reach good fishing on saltwater or inland freshwater off the extensive road network. Lakes offer good fishing for cutthroat trout, salmon and Dolly Varden. Some lakes are close to roads; others are accessible by boat and foot above ocean estuaries.
Dime-bright steelheads run into streams in early spring and fall. Dolly Vardens and rainbow trout also make their way into rivers and creeks. Up here the "other white meat" is several species of bottom-fish. Halibut, a variety of rockfish and pacific cod fills out the chase-and a lot of coolers.
Fishing licenses are available from sporting goods and fuel sellers and on line at
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game produces an online weekly column with statistics on fishing around the island and tips for anglers. The site has information for target species in freshwater and in saltwater.

Photo by Jeff Lund