Carlyn Shaw 2017 Marathon Inspirational Writer & Speaker, Purveyor of Strength

Carlyn Shaw 2017 Marathon Inspirational Writer & Speaker, Purveyor of Strength

Stranger To Friend: Hi, I’m Carlyn Shaw. I’m an inspirational writer & speaker, an empowerment expert and a purveyor of personal strength. What does this mean? I share personal stories and thoughts offering new perspectives and motivation to support an individual’s journey to become the best version

“We can not control what happens to us but we can control how we respond to it”

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1997. In 1998 two of my best friends were killed in separate car accidents, 10 months apart from each other. I went from being an invincible 19 year old sophomore in college to a 20 year old served a huge reality check, forced to accept a new normal. Not only did I reevaluate my diagnosis but also my life. My mantra became ‘I will plant my feet all over this planet as long as I can.” Why? Because it’s hard to take anything for granted after experiencing how quickly it can change. But before I could shift my physical journey, my mindset needed a make over. Less negative self-talk and more self-love. Being open to who and what was meant to cross my path to help me heal both physically, mentally, and spiritually manifested a magical web of serendipitous strangers, all on purpose, as teachers and friends, some spanning years, some impact made in a single moment. But each person is on time. Each person my Stranger To Friend.

I believe everyone has a Hero’s Journey. Part of my purpose: help you along yours.

I see the best in people so they can find the best in themselves, the greatest gift to give another. I provide a safe and non-judging space that allows people to share with me where they feel stuck, where they doubt themselves and where they self-sabotage. It’s my honor to lend a helping hand. I ask tough questions that require people to be real with themselves and then I empower them to make the decisions to reach their goals. My favorite feeling: when someone looks at me and says, “I would not have been able to do this without you.” And I smile back. Why? Because I know the awareness of not only your own strength but the power of my guidance. We are here to serve each other and lift each other up.  My job is not to do your work, my role is to guide through your own decision making process so you can create the outcome in life you desire. YOU are worthy of it.


I love to travel. Highlights include living with a family in Peru, eating my way through Thailand, and working/backpacking in Australia.

I blow bubbles and believe they make anything better.
I’m a human garbage disposal. I’ll eat almost anything.
I love helping others achieve their own goals.
I’m a sucker for cute animals, especially dogs and cats.
I have a very strong intuition. And I listen to it.
I am a connector. I get feelings to approach people!
I’m a runner with 13 Half Marathons and 3 Marathons under my belt.
I am my own best friend.
I’m not afraid to say I am wrong, even though I fight hard to be right.
I believe in angels.
I’m a manifesting machine— though I must be careful what I wish for!
I know the power of forgiveness.
I Love Life so much… I tattooed on the back of my neck. It’s my bumper sticker.
I believe miracles happen every day.

And of themselves they decide to choose to be.


             18th Annual Prince of Wales Island Marathon and Half-Marathon

The 18th Annual Prince of Wales Island Marathon and Relays will be held on Saturday, May 27th, 2017.  This will also be the date for the 6th Annual Prince of Wales Island Half Marathon. The relays, half marathon, and marathon are on the same course and are staged concurrently, providing a memorable race experience for both competitive and recreational athletes of all abilities and ages. Walkers and runners from all regions of the United States as well as other areas of Alaska are expected to participate in the race and also enjoy the various other race weekend festivities.  POW Island’s course is certified, permitting race times to be used as qualifiers for other race venues.

Prince of Wales Island is the third largest United States island and as such offers much Alaskan natural beauty along the miles of the out-and-back course.  Participants start at the base of Sunnahae Mountain in Craig and immediately venture down the Klawock Inlet along the Inside Passage.  While passing through Klawock, glances of the clan house and mink-raven totem pole will point the way to the more mountainous Big Salt Highway, where mountain peaks, valleys, and muskeg areas await all marathoners.  Although this is the more challenging portion of the course, it is also the most inspirational.  Wildlife sightings are not uncommon on race day and add to the uniqueness of the experience.  Race day weather has proven to be favorable to both runners and walkers and usually offers up temperatures in the fifties and sixties and may include cooling precipitation.  Fifteen aid stations staffed by dedicated and experienced volunteers are along the course and offer hydration, nutrition, and massive amounts of enthusiasm and encouragement to all.  Support vans and emergency crews drive the course, providing aid as needed.

 The start and finish are at Craig High School.  This facility allows participants an expansive lobby area for gathering both before and after the race.  Finish line food items - including our traditional cookie bar- and hydration are close by the finish line.  Inside the lobby area, ten-minute massages are available for a nominal fee to help to ease away the lactic acid.  And a finish line board displays names and times for perusing.  Probably the biggest treat, though, is the grilled salmon feed at the finish area – provided free to participants.  After participants have crossed under the finish line arch, collected their medals, stretched out, cooled down, eaten, and compared race notes, they may head over to the Craig City Pool where a Jacuzzi and sauna await them.

 Registration Bargains:  We are presently offering a registration discount to those who register before midnight on April 15th, Alaska Standard Time.  Race fees after that date will reflect our standard race prices.  Registering before the early bird departs also insures that you will have a race shirt come race day; those who register after the April 15th, bargain date may have to wait for the second shirt order to arrive.  Go to for more information and registration.