Island Cookbook

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Join us on a culinary journey which traverses the width and breadth of Prince of Wales Island, encompassing some of its history and diversity.
Prince of Wales Island is our nation's third largest island and provides a bountiful natural harvest. Spanish explorers found Tlingit and Haida Indians on the Island in the middle of the late eighteenth century. They subsisted on the wealth of andromous salmon, herring, shellfish, kelp, Sitka blacktail deer, and berries.

With the migration of early settlers, treasured family recipes found their way to Prince of Wales Island. Many have been modified and translated to better use of the abundance of natural foods found here. Each has its own special story, some of which are shared and some which you can imagine that are still found here. Today many of those same recipes are used by Prince of Wales residents.   
Prince of Wales is a truly cultural melting pot and nowhere is this more evident than in our Island cooking.  You will find Swedish fishcakes made from Alaska salmon, Indian ice cream using berries and Crisco, Oriental dishes featuring salmon and herring roe, Southern jambalaya, Russian fish pie, and Norwegian kuchen; an amalgamation of diversity coming home to the kitchen table.
We hope that as you travel along with us on this journey you get a true taste of Alaska and a picture of the majestic splendor of our Island home which spawned these great recipes.
The Alaska Connections Cookbook #4 edition is dedicated to Merry Stensing who graciously donated her time in producing the Alaska Connection and to her many years of service to the Chamber of Commerce!