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Whale Pass

Both photos by Amy Marshall

Founded 1950s / Unincorporated
Population est. 58 / Community Association
907-846-5317 / Harbormaster / 907-846-5262
Whale Pass is on the northeast side of Prince of Wales Island, north of Coffman Cove. The town sits on a bay in Whale passage, named by a Navy commander in the 1880's. Orca and humpback whales are commonly seen in the pass, a nearly 10-mile-long-strait between Thorne Island and Prince of Wales Island.
The area has been the site of logging camps since 1964. In the early 1980's, the last camp moved out and the area was permanently settled through land disposal sales. The road system reached town in the 1980s.
Recreational options are numerous. Neck Lake offers beautiful vistas. The shore road is a scenic wonder. Cavern Lake near town drains into a cave and reappears hundreds of feet away in stairstep waterfalls. Twin Island Lake provides a handsome mountain setting and good trout fishing. Exchange Cove offers beach camping.
Ancient Native fish traps and petroglyphs are seen at nearby salmon streams. Coho salmon fishing is enhanced by hatchery stocks released at Neck Lake, which drains in a series of dramatic falls.
Lodging is available. Gas is sold at irregular hours; diesel is not available. A vendor sells fishing and hunting licenses.
Whale Pass Homeowners Association operates a state-owned seaplane base, dock, boat slips, and launch ramp. Wireless Internet service is available at the community library.