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Port Protection

Founded 1949 / Uninciorporated                                                            Photo by Carl Hernandez
Population est.63 / Community Association
Port Protection is nestled in a quiet cove three miles from the northern tip of Prince of Wales Island, 98 miles from Ketchikan. It's not connected to roads.
Wooden Wheel Johnson became the first resident in the early 1900's and gave his name to the cove where the town sits. In 1946, Buckshot Woolery opened the B.S. Trading Post and ran it for a quarter-century. The business grew with a warehouse, rental cabins, dock & float facilities, and fuel sales. State land disposal programs enabled permanent settlement.
Commercial fishing is the principal industry. Gillnetters and trollers home-port there. Artists in the community produce drawing, painting, carving wooden boxes and writing. Full-service  and self-service fishing lodges operate in the summer and halibut fishers work nearby waters. A boardwalk in the forest provides charming access to residents'homes. The so-called Stairway to Heaven is a series of steps up a ridge overlooking the cove, affording a great view of the town, forest and shoreline. A state seaplane dock and harbor are available to the public.