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Point Baker

Founded in the 1930s / Unicorporated
Population est. 35 / Community Association 907-559-2204
Point Baker was named in 1793, by Capt. George Vancouver, for an officer on the Discovery. The first floating fish buyer came here in 1919, and the trade continued into the 1930's. During the 1920's-30's, as many as 100 tents occupied by hand -trollers lined the harbor. The first store was built in 1941, and a floating post office in 1942. A floating dock was built by the state in 1961, and it has been replaced by a 440 foot-float with power and moorage. The community building has long-distance telephone service. Point Baker has a number of resident gillnet and troll boats. Fishing lodges, sawmills, and aquaculture diversify the economy.

Photo by Rebecca Chester