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Naukati Bay

Founded 1972 / Unincorporated
Population 140 / Nonprofit Community Association 907-629-4104
Photo by Amy Marshall  
The town site was named Naukatee Bay in 1904 by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, recording it as a local Native name. Naukati was a logging camp at one time, but later was settled through state land disposal sales.
Naukati Bay is the "Gateway to Sea Otter Sound", renowned for saltwater fishing and whale watching. Naukati Bay is nestled in the archipelago of islands of Sea Otter Sound, El Captain Passage, and lower Sumner Strait. Naukati Bay is accessible by road, boat, or floatplane. Visitors find more than expected with amenities including a convenience/liquor store, fuel and propane, auto/boat repair, fishing charters, and fresh oysters.  There are two local B&B's which can be accessed through the website.  Currently there is a boat launch ramp and limited dock space, with a new boat harbor to be built in the spring of 2014. There is no charge for RV parking on the waterfront.  The "picnic beach" has a covered pavilion and is used by locals and visitors.  Medical and fire services are provided by a Volunteer Department.  The community church holds regular services on Sunday.
Naukati Bay holds a Fourth of July celebration with a parade, potluck lunch, and auction. Other activities include a skunk cabbage contest, axe-throw, and children's games. Closing the day are fireworks.
Naukati Bay is surrounded on three sides by logging roads. There are 11 miles of gravel road between Coffman Cove junction, and where the pavement begins. The gravel section of the road is being upgraded and will be paved up to the new boat harbor by the end of summer, 2014. 

The community is centrally located to many trails, creeks, lakes, and attractions. Sarkar Lake Canoe Loop is popular, as are Beaver Falls Trail and El Captain Cave.  Many people enjoy canoeing and kayaking while observing the wildlife around the numerous islands.  The Naukati Bay Shellfish Nursery, is located in the bay adjacent to the dock.  Tours are available to learn  about oyster spat(seed) used by oyster farmers all over Alaska. There are several producing oyster farms in the area around Naukati Bay.