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Photo by Rebecca Chester

Founded in 1912 / Population est.380
City Hall 907-285-3761
Hydaburg is on the southwest coast of Prince of Wales Island. The turnoff is off the Hollis Highway. The blacktop road to Hydaburg takes you past turnoffs that lead to USFS trails, picnic areas, and points of interest.

During the 1700's, a group of Haida people crossed  Dixon Entrance to Prince of Wales Island. The first migration landed in Kasaan; others came later and established major settlements at Howkan, Hlinkwaan, K'ay, Kaanii, Sukwan and  Kuy Gandlaas. In 1911 these villages consolidated in Hydaburg.

   Today, Hydaburg is the most populous community of Haida in the United States. The          community is rooted in tribal values and relies on historical and cultural relationships     to the land and sea in a traditional manner. 
Visitors get to Hydaburg by small floatplane or boat, or by driving the Hydaburg Highway. In Hydaburg you will find a grocery store, airplane float, small boat harbor, U.S. Post Office and the offices of Hydaburg City Schools (home of the warriors) and the City of Hydaburg.
Also in the village are the Hydaburg Cooperative Association/Haida Nation (Tribe), Boys and Girls Club, and Presbyterian Church. A totem park was built in Hydaburg during the 1930s. New poles have been raised in the park in recent years because of a growing interest in preserving the traditions of the Haida people.
An excellent time to visit is during the annual Hydaburg Cultural Camp. The community comes together to teach Haida language, song, dance, carving, weaving, beading,  traditional food gathering and preparation. The camp is followed by Haida Festival with canoe, swimming, and other races. These events are usually in the last week of July.
Hydaburg hosts a large number of traditional Haida artists, carvers, and weavers. Please feel free to contact the HCA office with questions at 907-285-3666; Dorinda Sanderson 907-285-3665; or email