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Maybeso Creek by Carolyn Chaoman
Founded in 1890s / Unincorporated
Population est. 163 / Library 907-530-7112
Hollis is the gateway to Prince of Wales Island and the home port for the Inter-Island ferry authority that provides daily ferry service between Hollis and Ketchikan on the M/V Prince of Wales and M/V Stikine. Hollis is on the east side of the island, 22 miles east of Craig, and 35 miles west of Ketchikan.
Around 1900, Hollis was a bustling mining town with a population of more than 1,000. Gold and silver were mined nearby until about 1915. The town had a hotel, bank, and post office in its heyday. The forest swallowed up the old mining town when eight mines closed in the 1940s. Speculators are considering reactivating one gold mine, waiting on results of core samples.

Maybeso Creek photo by Carolyn Chapman
In 1953, Hollis became a logging camp when the U.S. Forest Service signed a long-term timber contract with Ketchikan Pulp Co. Hollis was the base for timber operations until 1962 when the camp moved to Thorne Bay. The area was settled after 
1980 via state land sales.

Hollis was incorporated as a nonprofit community in 1987, and is now considering becoming a Second Class City, which would open up sources of funding presently not available. Additional revenue under Second Class City status would allow for infrastructure growth, including a fuel sales facility for boats and vehicle traffic for residents and visitors, and RV park, cemetery, and extended nature foot trails. 

The Hollis Council is acquiring 13 acres near the Hollis school that will, in the future, serve as a city center area encompassing a community center, new library, public works building, clinic, rental space, and a mini-market. the Council is also acquiring 10 acres of state land to restore and expand a public cemetery and Garden of Memories Park. Some burials date back to the early 1900's.
Presently, Hollis has a small public school, well-stocked library, volunteer fire department & emergency medical services unit, and an emergency medevac heliport. the community boasts a boat dock, million dollar floatplane dock for commercial air carriers, a new covered three-sided picnic area with restrooms & rock fireplace, half-mile boardwalk and foot trail through the forest that parallels the Harris River. Hollis and the USFS will expand the trail approximately 5 miles to the Hydaburg Highway. Surveying and preliminary construction of the trail extension began last summer and will be a multi-year project.                                                                                    Hollis Anchorage