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Edna Bay

Founded in 1940s / Incorporated 1983 / Population est. 61
The City of Edna Bay 907-594-6300
The town site of Edna Bay on Kosciusko Island was named in 1904 by the U.S. Coast Guard and Geodetic Survey. It became a logging camp in the 1940's and remained one until the state released several community-establishment land sales in 1983 to spur growth and to entice local development. 

Edna Bay has evolved into a healthy growing community. It is a special nook that fishermen like to come to while working in the vast waters of Sea Otter Sound and it is a secret getaway for visitors from around the world.

Edna Bay offers residents a special lifestyle and visitors a unique experience. Those aspects of the community are possible because of an extensive inner island road system that grants residents access to resources they depend on and gives visitors access to vast recreation opportunities, with many creeks and lakes to fish in, mountains to scale, and beautiful places to drive and hike.

Services include groceries, supplies, fishing and hunting licenses, lodging, mail, phone and broadband Internet. Also available is a church and a dock with floatplane access.