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Founded late 1800's / Incorporated 1922 / Population 1,127              Craig photo by Bob Claus                                                                                                     
City Hall 907-826-3275 / 
Tlingit and Haida peoples traditionally used this area for its rich seafood resources. A fish saltery was built on nearby Fish Egg Island in 1907 by Craig Millar: the early town was called Fish Egg until Millar's first name was adopted. Between 1908 and 1911, Millar constructed Lyndenburger Packing Co. and a cold storage plant was built. A post office, school, sawmill, and salmon cannery were built in the 1910s. Ample pink salmon runs contributed to the development and growth of this community through the 1930s.

The timber industry brought new residents and economic activity in the late 1950s. The Head family built a sawmill near Klawock in the 1970s, providing year-round jobs and a steadying economic influence. The mill was sold in the early 1990s to Viking Lumber.

Growth has been due in part to the community's role as a service and transportation center. Timber operations, fishing, fish processing, government and commercial services provide employment. The commercial sector is diversified and offers most goods and services, from banking to retail goods, and medical care. Craig has a community swimming pool, library, and recreational facility. Small boat harbors at North Cove and South Cove provide moorage.  A small transient float and dock are downtown and both North Cove and False Island have boat launches.