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Events: information will be posted as it is received

   Welcome to our friendly and scenic      Prince of Wales Island

For information call our Chamber office 755-2626, pop in to pick up your copy of our Visitor Guide, sign our guest book, or just say ‘hello.’ Our office hours are Mon - Friday 10:00am-3:00pm with an occasional early closure due to unexpected errands.

Check out our 2016 Visitor Guide for information about community activities, center foldout map details, picnic areas, and our road system.

There is ongoing construction on some of our main Scenic Byway RoadsPlease call the following hot line numbers for up-to-date road construction data: North POW road construction 755-2183. Where no (area code) is listed, dial (907).

COFFMAN COVE:  "Another year and let's get going!" With much excitement and anticipation we are planning our 5th annual "By the Sea" Arts and Seafood Festival; our 5th annual Silver Salmon Tournament; and our 7th annual King Salmon Derby. You, our contributors, vendors, and sponsors have played a HUGE part in making our events so successful! Numerous people traveled from surrounding Rainforest Islands to participate in the events and fun. We're extending this invitation to join us August 8th & 9th, 2015, for our Arts & Seafood Festival in Coffman Cove. We hope you will join us in sharing fine arts, crafts, music, fresh seafood, farmer's market, fisherman's poetry, beer/wine garden, and more. There will be raffle prizes throughout the entire Festival.

Our popular Coffman Cove's 5th annual Silver Salmon Tournament and awards will take place on July 3rd; and our 7th annual King Salmon Derby will take place May 1st - August 31st. We'd love to have you join us for these events!

PS For updated information about Rainforest Islands Ferry passage between Coffman Cove, Wrangell, and Petersburg visit; to make reservations, please email OR call 907-329-2031. PLEASE NOTE: Rainforest Islands Ferry office is not yet staffed, please leave a message and I WILL RETURN YOUR CALL within 48 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hydaburg, Kasaan, Klawock: These native communities have put forth a lot of effort these past few years to beautify their local totem parks. Hydaburg is host to a large number of traditional Haida artists, carvers, & weavers; many new poles have been raised in Totem Park.  Kasaan is home to the only standing Haida Whale House in the United States. In 2016, Kasaan will host a celebration for the finishing of the renovations of their Whale House. Local Klawock carvers have carved replicas of the original totem poles from Tuxekan. There are 21 standing poles in Totem Park, mostly newly erected. For more information, possible guided tours of Totem Parks, carving sheds, & longhouse contact: City of Hydaburg 285-3761;  City of Kasaan, Paula 542-2230; City of Klawock 755-2261.

While you're here, in the City of Craig, take a walk along Crab Creek for plenty of shore bird watching; meander between North Cove & South Cove harbors to view fishing vessels; Graveyard trail is known to have large numbers of shore birds for sightseeing year-round; the energetic hiker would enjoy the steep walk up Sunnahae Mountain for a magnificent view of Craig as well as bird watching. Contact USFS 826-3271.

 HIKING TRAILS For the avid hiker, POW Island is host to hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty. 2 mile, 3-4 hour long hike up Sunnahae Mountain is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon- but please remember to bring a bottle or two of water as it is a steep climb with no access to water along the way; Graveyard trail is a very popular spot for locals- rain or shine; Harris River Interpretive Loop- interesting & easy trail; 2.2 mile, 2 hour hike around Ball’s Lake; One-Duck trail is 1.25 miles, 1.50 hour hike, excellent condition; please see Recreational Areas, page 22, 2015 POW Visitor Guide. Contact Chamber office 755-2626 for a copy of your Guide and a trail list.

For those who will be on POW Island for a few extra days, visit Beaver Falls Karst Interpretive Trail & Cavern Lake cave on your own or phone USFS for a guided tour time. They're identified as trails near El Cap Cave on centerfold map in your 2014 POW Visitor Guide or phone USFS 826-3271 with your questions.


Go to our Island Calendar & POW Shutterfly Calendar at for up-to-date events