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USFS Map - $15.00 USD 

The road system on Prince of Wales island is the most extensive of any in Southeast Alaska and offers a chance to explore a large part of the island from your vehicle.  Today, most communities on the island are linked by road. The road system started as logging roads in 1953, changes a little each year as improvements are made. As of 2006 there were about 105 miles of paved road, nearly 155 miles of improved gravel roads and over 2,000 miles of shotrock logging roads. The state of Alaska maintains 95 miles under the Forest Highway Program. 

Refer to the map legend to see which roads are closed to vehicle traffic or may be impassable due to stream crossings or dense vegetation. Contact either Craig or Thorne Bay Ranger district to get the latest information on road closures and conditions.

Stay alert and obey the speed limit. Many vehicle drivers use CB radio to keep informed of traffic along narrow stretches of road. For current information on active log haul routes contact the Forest Service at Thorne Bay or Craig.

Emergency response vehicles and fuel are available in most communities, but you may not be able to find them when you need them. 

Be prepared for emergencies!  Winter travel can be especially dangerous since much of the road system is unpaved and regular maintenance is difficult. 

Be alert for wildlife on the road, Logging Trucks and other heavy equipment. Most side roads are topped with coarse gravel and are much rougher than roads that you may drive elsewhere. Reduce your speed, give logging trucks the right of way, and allow plenty of room between your vehicle and the one in front of you to avoid windshield damage from flying gravel. Unless posted otherwise, the speed limit on Prince of Wales is 25 miles per hour.

The unfolded map measures 3'x4' double-sided!
Inside Passage Map North - $20.00 USD (Laminated $30.00 USD)

Over 4,000 place names are alphabetically indexed on the southern and northern portions of this FULL COLOR two-map series. 

Descriptions include geographical locations, nautical chart numbers, and nearly 6,000 GPS waypoints. This will help you locate all the named places, as well as hundreds of other undiscovered and previously unnamed coves on each map. 

Also shown are hundreds of unique scenic and sheltered routes, as well as the more direct express routes.