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Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce Welcomes You To Our Friendly & Scenic Prince of Wales Island!     2015 Prince of Wales Visitor Guide is posted on web site!

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The Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce is looking for 2016 ISLAND EVENT dates to include in the 2016 edition of the Island Guide. The Island Guide enjoys a 20,000 copy distribution throughout the world. Some of our visitors schedule their trips to Prince of Wales Island around our popular events, Marathon, 4th of July Celebrations, Totem Raisings, Arts & Crafts Fairs, Bazaars, etc.  Residents and visitors alike use the Guide to take advantage of what is happening on the Island year-round.
All cites, community organizations, and Prince of Wales Island groups of any kind are encouraged to schedule their 2016 activities and send the list of dates to the Chamber for inclusion on the Events Calendar, pages 32 & 34 of the 2015 Guide.  The dates will also be listed on the Island wide Calendar of Events created on the Web to inform every one of the events and meetings on the Island; http://poweventcalendar.shutterfly.com

The deadline for events to be listed in the Guide is October 18th.  E-mail them to info@princeofwalescoc.org or deliver to the Chamber office in the Klawock Mall.

CALL FOR PHOTO’S of Prince of Wales Island, for the 2016 ISLAND GUIDE

Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce is requesting photos for the 2016 Island Guide that capture life around Prince of Wales Island. Photos of daily life, camping, hiking local trails, bike riding, kyaking, running, cavers, cabins are especially welcomed and make our Guide more personal and intriguing. Landscapes, nature, landmarks, fishing, etc are equally sought after as well and make our publication even more interesting. We are asking that you submit your photos by mid-October so the selected photos may be included in the Guide production schedule. We are trying most earnestly to have it produced and in our hands early December.

Both color and black-and-white photographs are eligible. Each photographer may submit (20) photographs for the inside pages of the Guide. Inside photos are printed in landscape (the conventional way to hold the camera).  Photographers may also submit (5) photographs for the Cover page of the Guide.  Cover photos need to be taken in portrait (turning the camera to the side to get the long tall shot). All Submissions Photos should be in the highest-resolution possible, shot with your camera in a .JPG format. Rename each individual photo with your name, how you want it to appear in credit format, then copy them to a disk or thumb drive so that the Guide producer will be able to identify and give credit to the location, subject matter, and photographer.  An example of a file name would be: Craig Area - People getting off a floatplane -- Jane Doe.  The Chamber will have a waiver available for you to sign concerning the limited use of your photos.  Photos will be used exclusively by the Chamber in: the Guide, advertising of Chamber events, and the video slide show at the office.

Amateur and professional photographers on and off the Island alike are eligible to submit photos. Copy them to a CD or Flash Drive, drop off at  Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce office in the Klawock/Heenya Mall,  Klawock. Your media will be returned to you after production is complete.  You may also mail them to the Chamber at: PO Box 490, Klawock, AK 99925. Questions about photo submissions may be answered by contacting Wendy or Sharon at: info@princeofwalescoc.org or  phone: 755-2626.

Prince of Wales Island is friendly, scenic, and beautiful. Here, 12 communities are surrounded by the Tongass National Forest, Native lands, and State lands. Prince of Wales Island, commonly called POW, is the third largest Island in the USA, among which Hawaii is the largest and Kodiak trails second.

There are places to go, people to meet, and things to do on our Island of variety. Prince of Wales Island's annual, certified Marathon & Half-marathon, held the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, is a going concern. People from all over the United States come for this event. For the hikers there are trails of various degree of difficulty. The USFS maintains many trails, boardwalks, and promenades with more opening each year.

The City of Craig is known for its cemetery trail- a walk in the past- dates back to the 1800’s, sports a meandering trail up small hills, around the bay where coastal birds may be viewed, through the forest, fit for family members of all ages, and at least in part - handicap accessible. 

Coffman Cove is producer of the annual By the Sea Arts & Seafood Festival held the second week of August and is rapidly gaining fame! 

Hollis is home to Inter-Island Ferry Authority, a daily ferry service to & from Ketchikan. 

Klawock carvers have newly erected 21 totem poles carved by local carvers and replicated from originals in their maiden home- Tuxekan. 

Hydaburg, village to the Haida Native is well-known for maintaining their traditional language, food-gathering, and preserving. 

Kasaan sports the only standing Haida Whale House in the USA. Tours are available upon request. 

On the far, north-end of POW, Beaver Falls Karst Interpretive Trail, Cavern Lake Trail, and El Capitan Caves make their homes. El Cap Caves are the largest known caves in Alaska, and the first cave in Alaska, where fossil bones were discovered. The view of Kosciusko Island is breathtaking. USFS provides friendly & knowledgeable tour guides at regular intervals. 

Naukati Bay was once a logging camp owned by Louisiana Pacific which was turned over to the State of Alaska and sold to residents to form a community. The oyster nursery raises oyster spat and sells them to oyster farms all over Alaska. 

Port Protection & Point Baker are two local unincorporated communities on POW Island and are easily accessible by floatplane or skiff. Commercial fishing is the principal industry for both.

The ever-expanding City of Thorne Bay is home to commercial fishermen with its well-protected bay. The town is known for its natural, serene beauty, and easy-going people. 

Whale Pass community boasts 22 households. Ancient Native fish traps and petroglyphs are seen at nearby salmon streams. Whale watching anyone?

Before visiting our ‘Big’ Island,' read our annually-produced Island Guide to help you get the most out of your visit to friendly Prince of Wales Island. Visit our web site at www.princeofwalescoc.org to download a copy of our Guide or call the Chamber office at 907-755-2626 to request a copy mailed directly to you, free of charge. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 10am - 3pm.  Please, if you're in town and need help after hours, phone us and we'll arrange a meeting time suitable to you!